Friday, September 4, 2015

Susan Monday montage dedication

I love writing these kinds of reviews because I can be short, sweet, simple, and to the point.

Dang, blew the short point already.

Susan Monday hosts her own talk show over on WXDE 1059, but her talk show isn't just another talk show.  She takes a relatively cool position to trending national stories, but on local stories, she bites down like a pit bull and won't let go until she's shaken every dirty little fact and secret out of it.  That's why I made her Honorary Drunk Redneck over a year ago even though she still hasn't paid her dues of one case of Budweiser in bottles and one bottle of malbec or red zinfandel wine. 

But I'm not writing to review her show.  If you're interested, you can read the review linked above, which also contains a link to my first review of her show.  If you don't want to go through all that clicking and reading, trust me, Susan Monday is good at what she does.  She's entertaining, informative, and a good source for quite a few articles I have written - even the articles I wrote because I so vehemently disagreed with her position, like my articles on the Confederate flag and my subsequent changing of my avatar. 

I am, however, writing to playfully help out our Honorary Drunk Redneck.

Wait.  "How can SuMo (Susan Monday) be an Honorary Drunk Redneck if you disagree with her so strongly at times?" you might be asking.

When I developed this blog, there were five of us and one of our ground rules was we didn't have to agree on everything.  That rule still stands despite losing three of our members.  (One of us sadly passed away at much too young of an age, one ran off and got married, and another got lost in love and we still haven't found her.)

Dang, not only did I blow the short point, but now I've blown the simple and to-the-point points.

Ok, to the point.

SuMo has consultant problems and she asked her listeners for advice.  For three years, the station's consultant has suggested she change her song montage introducing her show because it was too self indulgent.  If you haven't listened to SuMo's show, her song montage consists of several songs - all with the word "Monday" in the lyrics.  The consultant objects to the consistent reference to SuMo's last name.

One day last week, SuMo wrapped up her show by asking her listeners if she should change her introductory montage.  Every listener who called in said, "Keep it and ignore the consultant."

I agree.  The montage has all the elements of an excellent branding tool.  It's entertaining, fun to listen to, and the listener won't forget Monday, both the day and the talk show host.  However, we don't want our Honorary Drunk Redneck to get in trouble with the consultant.  The station, after all, pays big bucks for his opinions.

Wait a minute.  Big bucks to spout off one's opinions?  How do I get that job?  SuMo, if you're reading this, please send me a job application for the position of consultant.

Anyways, back to rescuing SuMo from the big, bad consultant.  As an audition for that position of consultant, here's my opinionated suggestions. 

Use a different montage for every day of the week.  I would keep your Monday montage for Monday.  To decide on a montage to use for Tuesday through Friday, run a contest with your listeners.  Your listeners would pick a day of the week and compile a montage to be used on that day.  Listeners get to vote on the montages to be used.  Theoretically, the contest could run for a couple of weeks or many months.  Two entries could be played for each day, one for the morning segment and one for the afternoon segment.  Voting can be done on the WXDE website where listeners can listen to all the entries before casting their vote.  This is called interactive radio and really draws in the listeners.

Prizes for winning entries could be something the winner might cherish and the station can afford, like a station mug or something.  Personally, I would prefer one of those foam beer bottle holders to keep my beer cold.  What the heck are those things called?  Dang it.  Now I'll be up all night until I find out the answer.

In case I don't get that consultant job, here's my entry for the SuMo Montage Contest.  I chose Friday and themed the montage after how Sumo might feel after listening to callers like me all week and probably how she will feel if she reads this.
Word of caution to those who choose to listen: It took seventeen hours to put this two-and-a-quarter minute montage together.  Editing the songs and getting the captions to align with the music is a lot harder than it looks, especially when you don't have the professional editing software.  I would've shortened it, but, at about a beer an hour, I only had enough beer for an hour of editing and I would've needed at least another seventeen.  Had SuMo paid her Honorary Drunk Redneck dues, I could've taken the time to shorten it.

TL;DR folks:
SuMo needs your help, but you need to read the above article to find out why, otherwise the video below won't make sense to you.

Our montage dedicated for Friday

Psst...for fans of high school pics!

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