Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crank (aka Andrew Murr, aka Andrew Martin) returns after a year absence

It's been a bit over a year, but Crank has returned to the radio.  He's not Crank.  He's not Andrew Murr.  No, he comes to us this time as Andrew Martin.  You can find Andrew Martin (aka Andrew Murr, aka Crank) over on WXCY New Country on 103.7 FM out of Havre de Grace, MD. 

Ok, so Crank has gone country to that foreign nation west of the Bay.  Dang, he was near his ten year mark of being able to claim himself as a Delmarvan, but he couldn't hang.  If he ever comes back, which isn't advisable, it'd take him another ten years before maybe he'll be accepted.

Ok, all joking aside.  Yes, Crank has been absent from the radio waves for the last year and, no, we have no clue where he was flipping burgers during that time.  We assume he was flipping burgers because, based on his expressed sentiments during his WZBH years, he most certainly wasn't collecting unemployment. 

If you take a gander at his bio over there on his new station, you'll notice a glaring almost 10-year gap in his life not mentioned.  Apparently Crank (aka Andrew Murr, aka, Andrew Martin) is ashamed of his time on Delmarva and wants it to be forgotten.

Thankfully, there is at least one Drunk Redneck (probably two, but the other one doesn't care to talk about Crank) who won't let the edited biography over at WXCY New Country stand unchallenged.  That ten year gap needs to be filled in.

You see, back on Aug 19, 2010, Crank, now known as Andrew Martin, played lap dog to his cohost, Matt Walsh, on the Matt and Crank Show that used to air on Delmarva's only rock station, WZBH the Beach.  Matt went on a four hour tirade denigrating gays as mentally diseased perverts, Blacks as crack addicted welfare whores, and women as do-what-you-want-but-be-home-and-cook-my-dinner fixtures. 
What's with the name change?  I knew
we couldn't trust those guys from the
other side of the Bay.

Documenting every sexist, homophobic, and bigoted commentary since that fateful show on Aug 19, 2010 is a bit of a tedious task, but I, and four of my friends, did the best we could.  You see, both Matt Walsh and Crank (aka Andrew Murr, aka Andrew Martin) not only vowed they would not apologize for that particularly offensive show, but then dared listeners to call the station and try to get them fired.

Matt Walsh was fired within the year and moved on to WGMD.  Crank, (aka Andrew Murr, aka, Andrew Martin) like a good little lap dog, followed him about a month later.  When Matt Walsh was fired from that station within the year, Crank (aka Andrew Murr, aka, Andrew Martin) returned to WZBH licking his wounds.

Almost six years after that particularly offensive show where Crank (aka Andrew Murr, aka, Andrew Martin) played the good little lap dog to Matt Walsh, it is highly unlikely he remembers what was so offensive about the show much less feels a need to apologize for it.  He didn't want to apologize for it then; why apologize for it now?

Yup, the winners in this whole scenario are Matt and Crank (aka Andrew Murr, aka, Andrew Martin).  They've both moved on as if their stint on Delmarva never happened.  The losers are those of us who call Delmarva home.  We welcomed them here, they crapped on us, and they left as if they never were here.
Crank (aka Andrew Murr, aka, Andrew Martin) can pretend he never had a nearly ten year history on Delmarva, but he can't erase it as easily as he may hope.  Until he apologizes for that particularly offensive show he played lap dog to on Aug 19, 2010, at least one drunk redneck will make sure his biography is complete.

For your listening pleasure, for old times sake

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  1. Neither of them were fired from 'GMD. Stop lying. This obsession over a couple of nobody radio jocks trying to make a living is pathetic. Grow the fuck up.

  2. I see I've struck a nerve. For the record, Matt was fired from WGMD. Whether he was fired due to incompetence or due to a station revamping itself (which Matt didn't have the talent to fit in with the revamping) is immaterial. He was fired, but if it makes you feel better, you can tell everyone he was laid off because the station underwent major changes.

    I didn't say Crank was fired. I said he followed Matt's lead shortly after his exit. If memory serves me correctly, he was taking over Dan Gaffney's morning role as Dan Gaffney appears to have voluntarily left WGMD to start a new talk radio station, WXDE 105.9. ( Because WGMD was undergoing a massive shake up in programming and personnel, my best guess is Crank voluntarily left when WZBH welcomed him back. We seriously doubt he waited for WGMD to drop the axe on his head as they had done with Matt and a couple of others at the station.

    I hope my clarification here helps make the big picture clearer. And thank you for reading my blog, Anonymous. I can now claim that I have at least four readers - Mom, two friends, and you.