Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Susan Monday moving on up

Susan Monday, our local talk show radio host and honorary Drunk Redneck (whether she wanted the title or not) is moving on up - and not just to the east side, but statewide and then some.  Her show, The Susan Monday Show, still airs live out of Lewes, DE on WXDE 105.9 Talk Radio 9:00 am until noon, but is also simulcast on sister station WDEL 105.7 (FM) and WDEL 1150 (AM).  Susan Monday can now be heard all over Delaware as well as parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

Susan Monday, or SuMo as her fans call her, earned her promotion and larger listening area.
No more dollar menu for Ms. Monday.
She's moving on up to the exec menu!
Oh golly gee, maybe I should refer to her as Ms. Monday out of respect for her accomplishments.

Ok, Ms. Monday earned her promotion and larger listening area. 
If you are a radio talk show listener, and even if you're not, go ahead and cruise your radio dial.  You'll be bombarded with cardboard caricature cutouts posing as talk show hosts:
  • "Liberals are the most evil people.  They want to raise your taxes again!"
  • "Conservatives thwarting efforts for reasonable gun control.  They want to give your toddlers guns!"
  • "Everybody's talking about it.  The story has gone viral.  Mom arrested for shoplifting while her children stood as lookouts.  What's wrong with parents today?"
Ms. Monday doesn't fit in any of those cut outs.  Sure, she'll talk about taxes being raised, but she'll never blame liberals.  She'll talk about gun control, but never blame the conservatives for anything.  And rarely will she talk about a story gone viral on social media because odds are the story is only viral for about fifteen minutes anyway.

What Ms. Monday does is tackle the issues of the day and usually from an angle her cardboard cutout colleagues and most everyone else miss.  A perfect example is her recent coverage of the trial of a Dover policeman charged with criminal assault for using excessive force on a suspect.  The police video clearly showed the suspect on the ground following police orders and Cpl Webster, one of the arresting officers, kicking the suspect in the head, breaking the suspect's jaw.

While everyone on talk radio and print media zeroed in on the video and questioned how anyone, including the jury hearing the case, could watch the video and come up with a "not guilty" verdict, Ms. Monday went the extra step and questioned what the defense "expert witness", Cpl Torres of the police training academy, said under oath.  He testified that Officer Webster's actions were acceptable defensive moves and, in fact, he would use the video for training purposes.

Long after, like weeks after, everyone else stopped talking about the case, Ms. Monday filed Freedom of Information Acts to dig deeper into Cpl Torres' testimony.  Either he lied under oath and a kick to the jaw of a suspect is not an acceptable method for subduing a compliant suspect or our police truly have gone too far in justifying excessive force.  She shared her efforts with her listeners to some eye opening insights.

Want to know how this story turns out?  So do I.  When Ms. Monday sinks her teeth into a story, she's a pit bull who won't let go.  I'm confident she is still working on the story behind the scenes and we'll get to revisit the story again.  Her initial Freedom of Information request returned an "information requested not found" answer, but I doubt she'll let the story sit there.

If you're looking for a refreshing change on your radio dial, give Ms. Monday a listen.  Listen live, weekdays, 9:00 am until noon on WXDE 105.9 Talk Radio, WDEL 105.7 (FM), and WDEL1150 (AM) Streaming live, you don't even need to be in Delaware and the surrounding area to listen.

And phooey on this saying "Ms. Monday" politically correct crap.  She'll always be SuMo to me.

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