Conservative Cacophony


Conservative Cacophony pokes fun just to poke fun.  Any semblance to persons living, dead, or dead pretending to be living is purely coincidental.


Mattie Falshe: Up and coming town brayer of the conservative world.
Bennie Scampiro: The sly one who's smarter than the average chicken.
Donnie Grumplin: So-called president of the conservative world whose tiny little hooves are a tumultuous terror when they hit the keyboard.
Annie Coiture: Struttin' and cluckin' around the conservative barnyard.

Other Players:

Nancy Pelistorki: First woman to grab Donnie Grumplin by the groin and say, "No!"
Shawnee Handtitty The moldable yes-man who aims to please no matter how brown his nose gets.

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