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Scampiro at Daily Ire: Native Americans stealing our honorable holiday of Thanksgiving from us

You know the drill. Since grade school, we're taught the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in the fall of 1620 after a more than two month journey across the open Atlantic.  More than half of the Pilgrims died making the trip and during the harsh, New England winter that greeted them.

When planting season rolled around, the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, where to fish, how to hunt beaver, and how to plant squash on mounds with a buried fish head underneath.  The way we were taught in school, the Pilgrims were weak and vulnerable, but fortunately the Indians rescued them by teaching them how to grow and hunt their food.  Pilgrims never hunted nor grew anything in their lives and the remaining Pilgrims who survived the winter probably wouldn't have survived until harvest time if it weren't for the Indians' help.

Artist's rendition of the first Thanksgiving
because there were no cameras back then.
Thanks to the Indians, the Pilgrims grew a bountiful harvest and they threw a big feast to celebrate, a big feast we call our first Thanksgiving to celebrate surviving one full year.  They invited the Indians to the feast to show their appreciation for their graciousness and making the bountiful harvest possible.

Brace yourselves for the real story.  The Pilgrims were far from weak and vulnerable.

The left wants us to believe the early settlers needed the Indians' help teaching them how to hunt and grow food else they'd have perished from starvation and disease.  The left neglects to tell us the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock as the harsh New England winter began settling in.  The left neglects to tell us the Pilgrims lived on the Mayflower through the harsh winter as the men trudged ashore daily, braving the subzero temperatures and wind driven snows to build the town they would eventually settle and to hunt the food they needed to survive.  The left neglects to tell us the Indians left the Pilgrims to their own devices through the harsh winter probably figuring the winter would kill them with or without their help.

Sure, when spring came and it became apparent to the Indians the Pilgrims weren't going anywhere, they made their good neighbor gestures and showed them pointers on how to grow the unfamiliar crops and hunt the unfamiliar animals.  In return, the Pilgrims brought them math, science, God, and the wheel.  Think about it.  The Indians didn't even have the wheel before the Pilgrims came.

Today, in return for all we brought to the Indians from the Old World, we are thanked on Thanksgiving with a National Day of Mourning.  Indians would rather wallow in sorrow and resentment than embrace a holiday their ancestors graciously embraced with the Pilgrims almost four hundred years ago.  For them, Thanksgiving is a day to steal from the White man.  But we're gracious and let them have their day of self pity.  We don't try to steal their day from them.  We simply eat their share of the turkey dinner since they want to cry between puffs on their peace pipes.

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