Thursday, October 19, 2017

Please don't be so flabbergasted by Harvey Weinstein if you celebrated Hugh Hefner

It's been a bad month for decrepit old perverts and fat old perverts.  First, the infamous Hugh Hefner, pimp extraordinaire died.  A month later, a famous Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, killed his career by pimping out young Hollywood starlets.

Welcome to the culture we have created and wallow in. 

We have the feminazis to blame for our messed up culture.  They put the silly notion in women's heads to be somebody.  Women needed to leave their kitchens, drop the kids off at daycare, and be successful just like any man.

What the feminazis didn't tell women is they aren't like men and there are plenty of old and decrepit perverts waiting to take advantage of them.  As young women with stars in their eyes, they didn't know what a casting couch was nor did they understand that being a pin up girl meant a dead end career in the porn industry.

Thanks to the feminazis sending their daughters out into the world unprepared, it was inevitable old perverts would swoop down on them like a hawk swooping in on a bunny.  These aging baby boomers were raised on sex, drugs and rock and roll so all these young women looking to be a star were easy targets for the plucking.  For Hefner, the Summer of Love never ended.  For Weinstein, he missed the Summer of Love by a couple of years so he decided to make every year his summer of love.

Too many young boys and young men around the Hippie era of the late '60's to early '70s had no real male role models to teach them what it meant to be a man.  Uncles and Dads were passing joints around.  Aunts and Moms wore flowers in their hair and pretended they were equal to men.  Their sons grew up thinking men are supposed to have sex with beautiful young women instead of their wives.  Now, this isn't excusing Hefner nor Weinstein and their perverted lifestyles.  It only explains how we ended up with a bunch of old men perverts preying in Hollywood.

The feminazis have created a culture of confusing signals.  We're supposed to treat them as equals, but be understanding and accommodating towards them once a month or when they are pregnant.    We're supposed to treat them like one of the guys, but are reprimanded or even fired if we slap them on the ass in a team spirit high five.  They chastise us for browsing porn we call the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated and then turn around and ask us why we can't be more like the men in their dime store porn they call romance novels.  They cheer movies like Fifty Shades of Gray calling it sexy and titillating, but when we tie a willing girl up at a hormone driven drunken orgy called a college party, we're arrested and thrown in jail like some kind of criminal pervert. She says "yes", but we're supposed to know she meant "no".

They praise the decrepit robed one, but condemn the fat ugly one.  With such contradictory messages, how is anyone supposed to know what consent means?  The decrepit robed one showers young women with lavish gifts and free room and board in a mansion.  He's a hero.  The fat ugly one shows young women the cold vinyl casting couch, and he's a nasty pervert.  Maybe the fat ugly one should've showered them with lavish gifts and couched them in a five star hotel - on real leather.

No, Weinstein and Hefner are despicable perverts no matter how crazy the world is with their mixed signals.  The scary part is neither are unique in their monstrosities.  In today's world, neither are scary or unique at all.

Perverts are all around us.  Just ask any feminazi.

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