Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The sexual hangups of Mayor Ireton, Part II

For this sequel to make sense, you had to read Part I.  For those who would rather have a quick synopsis to get them up to speed, in short, a lingerie store applied for a business license as The Red Light District Romantic Super Store, was granted the license by the city of Salisbury, but then Mayor Ireton held up the sign permit because he decided he didn't like the name of the business.  After a month of waiting for approval and being derided by Mayor Ireton as a shady business, the owners put the sign up without the permit and was promptly fined $750 plus $500 per day for each day the sign remained without a permit.

Fast forward to last week.

Charges against the Red Light District Romantic Super Store were dropped in the District Court and the store agreed to pay the initial $750 fine.  End of case, end of story.

Not quite.  Mayor Ireton had this to say: "“Maneuvering around the law is what this company has done up and down the East Coast.  Our city tried with all we had to make them go. Yet the Red Light owners had the money to fight in court, the money to get them back into compliance, and the lawyers who knew the way around our laws.”

Umm, wait a minute, Mayor Ireton.  You are the one who gladly took their money when they applied for a license.  You then tried to extort more money from them by holding up their sign permit because you didn't like their name, a name you had no problem with when you collected the licensing fee.  You then took them to court and, instead of backing down, they met you face-to-face in court.  You backed down because you had no case and you realized you couldn't extort any more money from the company.  You now cry like a whimpering little boy that the big, bad rich guys had fancy lawyers who "knew the way around our laws" and more money than you to make sure they prevailed in court.

Ok, so you admit you have incompetent lawyers.  We expect to see them fired by week's end.  You admit our laws are weak and easily manipulated by those with money.  We expect to see legislative reform by month's end to prevent future manipulation of our laws.

You unequivocally have stated, now and in the past, that this big, bad company that has no regard for the law has run roughshod over communities all up and down the East Coast.  We're taking you to task on that claim.  We expect you to show us concrete examples where B&Z Investments have willfully broken laws "all up and down the East Coast" and bought their way out of legal trouble with cold hard cash.  Otherwise, it looks like B&Z Investments, if they are anywhere near as big and bad as you claim, may have a slander lawsuit against you and Salisbury. 

For all our readers who are equally outraged over Mayor Ireton's childish antics, let him know how you feel:

Phone: 410-548-3100
mail:  City of Salisbury, MD

           125 N. Division St.
           Salisbury MD 21801-4940

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