Sunday, November 22, 2015

You can't say that

If you browse the radio talk show dial up and down or surf the political social media sites, one common refrain heard over and over is one of political correctness.

"Problem today is you can't speak your mind without offending someone."
Think the final statement is politically correct? 
Actually, the whole rewrite is politically incorrect.

For some younger people - which is about all of the millennials - and some older people -  which is about all the far right conservatives - the world began the day they were born or about twenty-five years ago.  Political correctness is a problem created today because decades of liberal policies brainwashed our parents' and grandparents' generations to be polite and respectful.  That's just plain wrong and nothing is getting done to move the current generation forward because of all this politeness.

"Speak your mind, no matter how much the truth hurts" is the popular mantra of the far right.   Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, the far left wants us to speak our minds using flowery words, rainbows, and unicorns because, you know, people have feelings and we shouldn't trample on them.

Funny thing is the stale argument of political correctness goes back at least forty years, long before the millennials were born and long before the far right conservatives got an idea that maybe their voice was worth hearing.

Let's back track forty years to 1975 when a top comedian of the day aired a sketch of political correctness gone awry.  What Carol Burnett acted out then is exactly what those who have no substance to provide to a debate whine about today. 

Lesson to be learned? I suspect forty years from now we'll still be whining about political correctness.  And comedians will still be having fun with the nonsense.

Posted by Five Drunk Rednecks


  1. You are right, an old, tired and worn out topic that ought to be dropped from discussion altogether. I don't think people even understand what it means anymore, defining basic respectfulness as "political correctness" and brash, rude disrespect as "outspoken truthfulness." The art of respectful, intelligent debate is what is lost.