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I owe Jared Morris an apology

I'd bring these over, but I'm not sure
your station is a mousetrap free zone
 If you haven't read my first review of  WXDE 105.9's afternoon talk line up, you  may want to read it now so everything  written below makes more sense. 

 Since my review almost three weeks ago,  I've come to the conclusion that my first  impression of Jared Morris may have  been an incorrect one.  He obviously  read  my review (linked above) and,  almost  every day since, has made it a point not to abruptly or prematurely hang up on a caller.

The epitome of his tolerance and willingness to allow everyone to speak his/her mind was put to the test on Monday while talking about the US Supreme Court's ruling on allowing prayer in local government meetings. 

One caller, whose voice could best be described as belonging to a backwoods, evangelical, angry hillbilly, began with "Jared, I can't believe that you, as a Christian, are being wishy-washy on this issue." 

Long story short, Jared calmly walked him through about a four or five minute conversation allowing the caller to get his point across in a more toned down, civil manner.  If Jared were the "hang up on 'em" type, the caller wouldn't have gotten through his first sentence before hearing a dial tone.

My best guess as to why I got the impression that Jared tends to abruptly hang up on callers is Jared, like any employee at a job for ten years, knows what he is doing so well he sometimes forgets the person on the other end of the phone may be clueless about what's going on.  Maybe Jared forgot that when he hangs up, the person on the other end doesn't hear a click to know the call has ended.  Maybe he forgot the caller has his radio turned down to make the call and the caller has no idea Jared had to cut to a break.  Maybe he forgot the caller is nervous talking to a stranger and it's very hard to pick up any auditory clues as to if anyone is even listening.

Guessing all aside, it is obvious that Jared hasn't been in the business for about ten years because he doesn't pay attention to his callers.  He does pay attention.  He obviously didn't like my review, but he still consciously makes an effort to ensure that every caller knows when his "time is up"  so that none of them feel like they were treated abruptly or rudely because they were left talking to an empty line for thirty seconds.

So, Jared Morris, while I'll let my first impression as written stand because it was my legitimate first impression, I apologize for maybe being a little unduly harsh in how I expressed my opinion.

If you haven't listened to Jared Morris, definitely catch his show weekdays, three in the afternoon until seven in the evening.  I don't call into his show any more, but that's because I realize I sound like an idiot on the radio.  Yes, Jared posts podcasts of some of his interesting shows (look for the update box on the right side of WXDE's webpage to find the podcasts).  After listening to myself, I can say Jared sure does have a lot of patience.  If you wonder how you really sound on the radio, call him and then listen to yourself the next day or so when he posts the podcast.

Susan Monday, or SuMo, has been on fire, even feistily testy, on a couple of her pet topics these last three weeks. 

She tackled Beau Biden's refusal to comment on one of his staff member's sexual assault charge and then promptly climbed her soap box to make it clear that Delaware's possible future governor never comments on anything of concern to voters, from the latest scandal in his staff to the status of his health to his position on running in 2016 for governor.

Yesterday, she climbed her Hillary Clinton soapbox.  While talking about Monica Lewinsky, SuMo made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that Hillary Clinton needn't run for president in 2016 and, if Clinton were foolish enough to run anyway, she wouldn't be getting Sumo's vote.

What makes SuMo show so much fun is her ability to step up on her soapbox in a calm manner, forcefully make her point in quietly controlled, subdued tones, and even if the listener doesn't agree with her points, leave the listener admiring her ability to conduct an entertaining show without insulting those who do not agree with her.

It'd be nice if WXDE
would send the radio
edition of this book.
Sumo is so good at what she does, even if you never called in on a radio show before, you'll feel compelled to participate.  Of course, that's what gets me in trouble.  I love listening to her show, even when I don't agree with what she is saying.

I just wish SuMo would send me a copy of Talk Radio Etiquette so I can learn how to get on a soapbox and make my point without sounding like an idiot.  Since I listen while I'm on the road, I think I'll need to leave my cell phone at home so that no matter how tempting she  makes it to call in, I won't be able to.

If you haven't yet, you must tune in the SuMo show, weekdays, ten in the morning until noon and again from one in the afternoon until three.

For the too long; didn't read people:

 Jared Morris:  I was unduly harsh in expressing my first impressions of him three weeks ago.  He tries really hard to listen to all of his listeners and has plenty of patience in doing so.  Tune him in and give him a call.  Weekdays three in the afternoon until seven.

Susan Monday: A must listen show even for those who don't care much for talk radio.  If you listen more than once, you'll even be tempted to call in and she'll make you feel right at home.  Week days ten in the morning until noon and one in the afternoon until three.

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  1. Thanks for your continued support. Glad you like the show. Your opinions are always welcome!

  2. Thank you, Susan. You sparked a new review idea in me on your show, today, about the abandoned buildings. You bring down-to-earth realism to your show and spark tons of ideas in me! I'll keep listening, but I really do need to learn to turn the phone off! :)