Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Sexual Hang-ups of Mayor Jim Ireton

The law is fairly simple.  A business is defined as an "adult store" if more than 20% of its floor space, sales, and product inventory consists of adult merchandise.  When the Red Light District Romantic Superstore opened for business at 521 North Salisbury Boulevard, in Salisbury, MD, the owners applied for a permit to put signage on the store. 

According to William Holland, director of building, permits, and inspections, the Red Light District Romantic Superstore does not meet the definition of an adult store and so has not approved the signage because of what the name implies.

Mayor Jim Ireton jumped in the fray. 

On Monday, Aug 12th, WBOC News reported that Mayor Ireton planned on sending city representatives to inspect the store to ensure it is in compliance with the adult store definition, otherwise the store is not even allowed to legally open.  Mayor Ireton, apparently, does not believe his director of building, permits, and inspections claim that the store does not fit the definition of an adult store.

On Tuesday, Aug 13th, based on WBOC's newest report, Mayor Ireton turned up the heat on the store after the store decided to put their sign up without a permit the night before.  (As a side note, WBOC earns the Headline of the Week award for this report.  We couldn't stop laughing at it.)  Mayor Ireton is imposing a $500 per day fine on the owners of the store for violating the city's ordinance on permits for signs. 

“Today we are in constant contact with city solicitor, Mark Tilghman. This is an egregious violation of the law. The City knows it, our citizens know it and the Red Light people know it. The sign, illegal, and the building questionable, are an example of the attitude of B & Z Investments. The sign, and the store are in bad taste, and are bad for business in Salisbury,” said Mayor Ireton.  (Quote taken from the City of Salisbury website.)

Mayor Ireton was also quick to point out that the store was in violation of its own 18-and-over policy when a baby stroller was spotted inside.

Hold on a minute!  A couple of local yokel politicians decide they don't like the name of a store, hold up a signage permit for over a month, and then engage in negatively implied accusations against the business and the business owners.  Can the business owners fine the city for holding up their sign request and engaging in defamatory rhetoric against the business and business owners?  We sure hope so.

We might be five drunk rednecks, but we're pretty sure a baby didn't stroll into the store to do any shopping.  Liquor stores are 21-and-over "adult" stores, but on any given day, one can witness parents buying their twelve-pack of beer and bottle of wine with a toddler or two in tow.  Talk about getting petty....

But the bigger issue is the "right" of local yokel politicians to decide what is an appropriate name for a business and what is not.  Mayor Ireton and his flunkee, William Holland, aren't objecting to the business, itself, as long as they meet the 20% or less rule.  They are objecting to the owners' choice of a business name.  Really? 

It's a good thing we spend our money on beer (with our kids in tow) and don't have flexible spending cash.  If we gave up beer, we'd be tempted to use the money we saved to invest in businesses along the 500-block of North Salisbury Boulevard.  We'd have A Good Screw Hardware Store, Hung Bananas Grocery Mart, Pimp Your Stuff Pawn Shop, For The Panties Pet Shop, Beaver Cut Hair Stylists, Tube Steak Hoagie Shop...and give us a couple of more beers, we'd come up with more.  If we had the money, we'd make the entire block the joke Mayor Ireton and team are presently making Salisbury out to be.

Since we don't have the flexible investment cash, perhaps we should try to entice a real business to town to open up shop next door to the Red Light District Romantic Superstore - Happy Hookers Towing.  Yes, it is a real business located in Kansas and have been doing business for over thirty years.  It's ironic their FaceBook ad surfaced on our FaceBook page, so we had to add it in as an example that not all local politicians get hung up over a business name.

You be the judge.  Below is a before picture of 521 North Salisbury Boulevard, compliments of Google Maps, and the after picture with the Red Light District Romantic Superstore, compliments of Delmarva Now, opened for business.   Has the new store improved the area or made it more seedy than what the area already is?
Please be sure to let Mayor Jim Ireton know how you feel about his and his administration's handling of a new business wanting to open its doors in Salisbury.

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  1. Mother Cluckers
    31997 Beaver Run Dr
    Salisbury, MD 21804

    'nuff said

  2. I've been there and it has to be one of the cleanest, nicest lingerie stores I've been in. As a woman I'd much rather shop there than the creepy, seedy stores Salisbury already has. Plus the staff is very professional and helpful. As far as the mayor he should be glad that such a nice store is in that area ans that someone would invest thay much money in that part of the town.

  3. I've also been to the store. If the mayor would actually look around, he'd see that it's one of the nicest places in that part of salisbury and should thank them for having a business as nice and classy as they do. Also, the little boy that works there is very respectful, respectable, knowledgeable and firm in making sure there is no nonsense in that store. I don't believe he is the owner, but he's a wonderful part of their staff. Check out the store, it really is great. I hope they win in court!

  4. I went to Red Light District the other day for the first time, and it was surprisingly nice. They buzzed me in, immediately checked my ID, and were extremely nice and helpful. I would much rather go there than any other sex shop in town, and their selection and prices for glassware will likely cause Pipe Dreams to lower their prices.