Sunday, June 4, 2017

"covfefe" was nothing compared to his earlier blunder

After taking a nine day hiatus from tweeting, Trump, our so-called president, returned from his European trip of embarrassing America to embarrass himself on Twitter.

Simply embarrassing.

Ok, maybe flippancy isn't the way to make a point, but how can anyone take the hoopla made over Trump's tweet seriously, the tweet where he invented a new word, covfefe?  After all, Trump, himself, tweeted a joke about it the next morning.

“Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’???  Enjoy!” he tweeted.

That evening, Hillary Clinton followed Trump's joke with one of her own.

"People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe," she tweeted in response to Trump's tweet denigrating her for blaming everyone except herself for her presidential bid loss.

In all the media's kerfuffle over "covfefe," they missed his tweets from two days earlier.  On Sunday morning, about eight o'clock, Trump tweeted:

His first tweet announces his arrival in Italy and he boasts that he told other NATO members they need to pay more.  Within seconds, he followed that tweet with a cheer leading rah-rah for the GOP's win in Montana, but lost his train of thought by the second sentence.  He got as far as typing the subject of the sentence, then took a five minute break to figure out what else he wanted to say.  We find out in his third tweet all he wanted to say was rah-rah for the GOP on their win in Montana.  Nine minutes later Trump announces his arrival in the US, which means he made the trip from Italy in a record fourteen minutes.

Trump deleted the first two tweets shortly after the eighteen minutes had lapsed, which, by my estimate, was in less than twenty minutes.  Fortunately, I was awake and caught them before he deleted them.

Allow me for a minute to step on the Trump supporters' side and explain what happened.  Trump isn't a morning person.  On top of that, he was extremely jet lagged after his nine day, twelve to sixteen hours each day, whirlwind tour of Europe.  He probably should've had a cup of coffee before tweeting, but he did compose himself rather quickly.  Jet lag can make even the youngest and healthiest person do some odd things so there's nothing out of the ordinary here.

If this tweet slip were an isolated incident, sure, most of us could buy those excuses.  Problem is he's the President of the most powerful country in the world.  He should know and fully understand that everything he does, says, and, yes, tweets, is going to be scrutinized.  That means, jet lagged or not, a typed tweet needs to be proofed three times, let to sit as a draft for at least five minutes, and then proofed three more times before hitting the tweet-key.  Once it's sent, there's no taking it back.

Now let's take a look at those tweets made in a fourteen minute span again.  He's confused, which considering his age, one has to wonder if some form of senility that comes with age is beginning to show itself.  He didn't know where he was and he doesn't know that a President should be concerned with national issues, not local elections and whether or not his side won.

The scenario Trump created Sunday morning is reminiscent of  a Star Trek, The Original Series episode.  The episode had Kirk go to a planet to look for a missing cultural observer of the Federation.  What Kirk found was a culture modeled after Earth's Nazi Germany.  The missing cultural observer appeared to the people daily on closed circuit TV and delivered inspiring speeches, but it turned out he was a drugged puppet of his close advisor behind the scenes.

Now think back to two of the four debates and the sinus "problems" Trump had that were clearly audible.  Look at those four disjointed tweets on Sunday morning and keep in mind that two days later, he made up the word "covfefe" that no one knows what the word means.  And don't forget the White House spokesman brushed that tweet off as codespeak that only those who know the code understood what it meant.

If Trump is the drugged up puppet, who is the puppet master?

Who'd have thought this washed up middle-aged
beach bum would become president?
That would be the White House Chief Strategist, Stephen K. Bannon.  It's no secret he's been pulling the strings of Trump - as PBS' Frontline detailed - since before Trump knew he was going to run for president.  In Trump, Bannon found an expert con man and accomplished showman who, based on Trump's audible sinus snorting, was already drugged enough to easily manipulate.  Like the cultural observer in Star Trek, Trump was the face and personality Bannon needed to start the deconstruction of America.

The million dollar question would be why Bannon would want to set America on a course of self destruction.  Suffice it to say that Bannon doesn't want America to self destruct.  He wants an America where White, heterosexual, Christian males rule the country and set the standards everyone else needs to follow.  Right now, among these White Nationalists, Putin is their hero so it's no coincidence that the Russians were instrumental in influencing our election, an influence that helped Trump get elected.

Yes, the Russians are guilty.  Putin acknowledged the fact that patriotic Russians may have hacked American computers to sway the election, but denied any official state sponsorship of the hacking.  The Russians do, however, know what they are doing and White nationalists in our country are falling for it, as US News & World Report details.

Now is the time to start talking about old age and senility in our president; a White nationalist as the key puppet master of the aging, senile man pretending to be president; and ways to reverse the trend to send America backwards to a perceived, romanticized version of her past.

All the dots are there.  Time to connect them.

For the TL;DR folks:
You're screwed.

For your listening entertainment:

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