Sunday, August 20, 2017

Maybe Union soldiers aren't welcomed in Talbot County

Dear Esteemed Members of the Talbot County Council,

I wrote you last week regarding any efforts by any group in Talbot to erect a Union monument next to the Talbot Boys.  As of this writing, I have not received a reply from you nor have I been able to find any evidence of a Union monument project under way.

I truly believe Talbot County residents stand on the cusp of setting a powerful example of reconciliation the nation could follow.  Talbot citizens can show that regardless of one's feelings, emotions, and interpretations of our collective history, as a community, they can come together and ensure the monuments of the most hurtful eras can tell the whole story complete with all the gripping drama, pain, and gross injustices.  All of Talbot's veterans should be honored and the fact the Union soldiers have been neglected is a gross injustice.

There are two things I need to know from you.

  1. Are you aware of any group in the planning or fundraising stage to erect a Union memorial?  If so, I'd like to volunteer my time and/or money.  I don't have much of either, but I'm sure every little bit would help.
  2. If there are no plans in the works, what does a know-nothing guy like me with a dollar in his pocket need to do to get the ball rolling?
I envision a day in the near future where citizens of all walks of life will gather for the unveiling of the Union monument and share tears of joy and sorrow over that dark, but necessary, era of our history.  The story needs to be told and shared, not shoved off to some obscure museum or cemetery. 

And, honestly, even with the addition of a Union memorial, only one other thing would be missing to tell the whole story - a monument to the unnamed slaves who were instrumental in building the success of Talbot County since its founding.  Perhaps that monument should come after the Union monument is built although I believe it would be great if both monuments could be unveiled at the same time.

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