Saturday, April 2, 2016

The thieves returned Jason Lee

Two or three months ago, someone stole Jason Lee's job.  I'm not going to name names because it is unknown if an H2A worker from Mexico was hired to change the automated tape or Mr. Automated Programming seized control of Jason's time slot as the super computer secretly directed the development of droids in Chinese factories to help it takeover the world.  The droids haven't shown up on our Walmart shelves yet, so it's probably safe to say Adams Radio Group may have had a role in the theft of Jason Lee's job, if only by hiring the Mexican worker to change tapes, but there's not enough evidence to of now.

But oh happy days again, Jason Lee is back!  He's been back for two full weeks and, some how, I missed his return.  I always liked him.  He has a smooth voice at the perfect baritone pitch that if he talked gibberish, you'd raise your beer and exclaim, "Yeah man!  Now there's one cool dude."  That's funny because if you look at his FaceBook picture, you'd expect a Sam Kinison voice.

I'm not sure how Jason Lee got his job back nor why.  It might be a ploy by Mr. Automated Programming to lull us into complacency before the droids that will take over the world show up on Walmart's shelves.  Maybe the Mexican worker hired to change the tapes couldn't understand the written English instructions and was screwing up.  Maybe Adams Radio Group heeded fans' outcry and brought Jason Lee back.  All I know is you can catch Jason Lee weeknights on the Psyche Ward, 7 pm until midnight on 93.5 The Beach.

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