Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our local hero on worthy prayers for brave souls

We all know the drill of the far right, conservative Christians.  We've had decades of listening to them in the Republican Party and now we hear them daily in the Tea Party.  When they want to tug at your heart strings, they call for prayers for some poor soul, usually a child or another Christian.  The only time they step out of this mold is to ask for prayers for a generic group of people, usually a community that has suffered a catastrophic natural disaster.  Praying for an individual, however, is almost always a child or, if they've slipped on their martyr shoes, another Christian.

Make no bones about it.  There's nothing wrong with expressing one's religious beliefs in public.  If a Christian is moved to pray for someone, by all means, pray and ask others to join in.  What is important for Christians and everyone else is to pay attention to who the self-proclaimed Christians are asking the prayers for.  A true Christian will ask for prayers for anyone and everyone.  The false prophets limit their prayers to predictable groups of people, usually children or other Christians.

We get to use our local hero as a prime example.  On his radio show at WGMD, he talked about Yousef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor in Iran, who is to be hanged for refusing to renounce his faith in Jesus.  Matt called on his listeners and FaceBook friends to pray for this "brave soul".

On his show, he defended his call for prayers by denouncing the religion of hate founded by a murderous pedophile.  Muslims are fundamentally wrong because the religion was founded by a fundamentally wrong person.  Followers of Islam can't be peaceful and righteous by following such a horrible prophet.  He challenged his listeners by stating that any talk about Christianity makes people uncomfortable, but it needs to be talked about. 

He had his martyr shoes on so it never dawned on him that his listeners weren't uncomfortable talking about Christianity.  They were probably more uncomfortable listening to someone spit in the face of over one-and-a-half billion people, people who will never be offered prayers from our conservative Christians such as our local hero.  Some listeners may have been uncomfortable for labeling the pastor a "brave soul" for choosing to believe in Christ, but no prayers were being offered for the three Iranian men who were killed this past Sunday for being born gay.  If our conservative Christians ever offer a prayer for a gay man or woman, the prayer will be for God to make them normal.  There'll never be a prayer for God to protect them from the evils of the self-proclaimed righteous.  (Source: Three men were executed convicted of sodomy  Note the picture at the end of the article of the hanging of two gay men in 2005.  They were 16-years-old at the time they were killed based on nothing more than heresay evidence.) 

As we enter the election year, pay attention to the candidates and how they carry their Christian beliefs.  Do they show compassion and pray for the Muslim as they do the Christian?  They gay person as they do the straight?  The foreigner as they do the American?  To the true Christian, people are people and all deserve the same compassion and prayers.  To the false prophets, there are people who deserve compassion and prayers and there are the others who deserve a different sort of compassion and prayers, if anything at all.

Matt Walsh, radio personailty on WGMD airing out of Rehoboth Beach, is the person who inspired us to get off our drunk asses and form the Coffee Party.  Getting a start on our local, mainstream rock station, WZBH, he has since moved to WGMD.  You can listen to his early clips at WZBH and read our reviews of his show.  Want more laughter?  Listen to his latest parroting of far right Christian banality here.  We feel he epitomizes the non-thinking element of the Tea Party, despite his denial of ascribing to any political party.  Still not enough?  Become his friend on FaceBook and never miss his daily witticisms guaranteed to leave you scratching your head.

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