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Jared Morris revisited

Sometimes, one's first impressions are the impressions one should stick with.  More often than not, though, we give the benefit of the doubt, make allowances, and try our dangedest to erase our first impressions.  It's human nature.  First impressions aren't based on facts and a pattern of past behaviors.  They are based on what we "feel" at the moment.  What we "feel" and what is are often two different things.

We gave Jared Morris of WXDE 105.9 a second opinion after we listened to his response to our first review of his show.  We may have been hasty in writing that  second review.

Jared has had three strikes since our last review. 

Strike one:  Jared makes continual references, even weeks after the story has "died out", to the drama of The Miseducation of Cameron Post.  In brief, the story centered around the Cape Henlopen school board deciding to remove the book from a suggested reading list because it contained the f-word.  While Jared centered his commentary on the use of the profanity as justification for the book being removed, his counterpart, Susan Monday, centered her commentary on the school board's disregard for the school board's own policies and procedures for altering school curriculum.  The end result of the debate was the school board reconvened to answer to Susan Monday's (any many parents') claims, reinstated the book, and then banned the whole list of ten books.  Jared was left with egg on his face because he didn't delve deeply enough into the issue at hand.

Strike two:  Jared claimed a teacher in Cambridge was accosted by police, taken in for mental evaluation, and suspended from his teaching job because he wrote two fictional books, under a pseudonym, set in the future that involved school shootings.  This is a story guaranteed to set listeners on fire.  Free speech, corporate control of employees, police intrusion, all the elements for a hot topic.  What Jared didn't tell his listeners was the teacher was under investigation in another county because of a four page letter he wrote to local government officials.  It was because of that letter the police became involved, Dorchester County was notified of the investigation, the teacher was taken in for mental evaluation, and the school suspended the teacher.  None of the actions had anything to do with the teacher writing fictional books under a pseudonym. 

The FaceBook post inspiring Jared's two-hour Show
Strike three:  Jared claimed, based off a FaceBook post, that a Milford high school student was humiliated by a weight guessing game her physics teacher played to teach the students the concept of weight and mass.  Supposedly, the girls objected strongly to the "game" and at least one was left in tears.  The father of the student who posted the FaceBook post describing the  class lesson called in to "verify" the story.  Other than what Jared had to say about it on his show, there is no corroborating stories on the incidence.  In fact, we are so confident that this is another made up story, we challenge Jared to find the corroborating evidence and stand by his story.

It was the strike three story that got our goat.  I called in and asked if the story was verifiable.  Jared responded that it was posted on FaceBook and the Dad called to give his version of how his daughter described what happened.  I responded that something still didn't sound right with the story because how could a teacher, with crying students in the class, continue the lesson and how could the teacher not send the students who were unwilling to participate to the principal's office.  I realized he had long since hung up before I made my point.

Unfortunately, Jared seems to be looking towards Dan Gaffney as a role model.  As we mentioned in our other reviews, we refuse to listen to Gaffney because of his unethical and hypocritical modes of running his show.  There are better role models Jared should be looking towards.  Susan Monday is one of them. 

But as long as Jared wants to give half-truths to his listeners, he'll wallow down in the hypocritical sludge where Dan Gaffney and many others wallow.

For the TL;DR folks:
Jared is The National Inquirer equivalent of a real talk show host.

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