Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sarah and Corey back together again!

Delmarva has a new radio station, 102.5 FM WBOC.  After seventy-five years, our familiar TV station is returning to its radio roots with an adult contemporary format.

A new radio station normally is not something to get excited over, but for our faithful readers, you know we got our start as WZBH Critics.  Even though three of us have moved on, the two of us remaining look forward to the proposed morning show on the new station as it will be hosted by WZBH alumni Sarah and Corey.

From the WZBH days, you know Corey as Phoebus.  Back in those days, a cardboard cutout of Adam Sandler had more dimensional depth of character than Corey.  Everyone gets lucky and says something funny once in awhile, but Corey was the exception.  He eventually left WZBH for a job at a local gym.  Maybe his couple of year absence from radio has allowed him to grow as an entertainer.

Admit it...they look like a cute and fun couple.
Tune 'em in or stream 'em live
Corey does have Sarah to help him along.  Sarah grew on us and we often said she should have been the star of the morning show on WZBH, not Crank.  She was witty in her own right, and very adept at playing off her cohosts.  We sensed a chemistry of sorts between Sarah and Corey.  Unfortunately, Crank dominated the show and never allowed the two more than thirty seconds of their shining moment.

Come Monday, WBOC launches its morning show with Sarah and Corey.  Since WZBH has outsourced its morning show to some Texans who aren't even real Texans (but are real humorless perverts), we can't wait to hear the new morning show on 102.5 WBOC.  We'll finally get to test our theory that if Crank were gone, Sarah and Corey would have an enjoyable - and hit - show.
As a side note: for those living south of Salisbury, you will have the most difficult decision.  You can tune in and listen to Sarah and Corey, but then you'll miss the other two WZBH alumni Doug McKenzie and Captain Blue on their morning show, Doug and Blue over on 103.5 and 106.1 The Vault.  Hard to believe that with all this local talent, WZBH had to go to Texas to fill their morning show slot, huh?

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