Sunday, September 18, 2016

Clinton thinks only Black people need college help

Ok, I've already accepted the fact that any time I tune into something Trump, a bunch of White people will dominate his message.  Any time I tune into something Clinton, a bunch of Black people and/or women will dominate her message.  People of other races don't exist except for when either are going after the Latino vote.  At least that explains Clinton's "en EspaƱol" Twitter account.

Whoever chose this picture to introduce
free college should be fired.
But the picture to the right jarred me.  It's the banner photo on Clinton's website for her stand on one of her grand social programs she wants us all to pay for - free college education.  She claims, much like Obama claimed when he introduced Obamacare, that the average tax payer won't pay for the program.  The wealthy will.  Of course, we know that's a lie.  We only have to look at Obamacare to see who really pays.  Elaborate and expensive social programs undoubtedly hit hard working Americans living from paycheck to paycheck the hardest so we're all going to eventually pay for this free college program - much like we pay for Obamacare now - only much more expensive.

What jarred me about the picture, though, is knowing that her free college for everyone is nothing more than an elaborate social program, she uses a banner picture of all Black people.  I'm pretty sure that our colleges have plenty of Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and, yes, even Whites attending and all of them struggle under debt, too - even the White students.  What message does the picture Clinton chose send?  Black people need help because, you know, they can't help themselves and everyone else is doing just fine?

If you're talking about a free college program that helps ALL college students, include a typical college picture of students of ALL races who are going to benefit from the program...then close the program because, as a tax payer, I don't want to pay for their college education anyway.  Fix our public schools and 80% of high school graduates wouldn't need to go to college because our public schools would prepare them well for the job market like they did in the old days.  College should be for the intellectual elite, not for anyone who has the money that Clinton gives out for free.

TL;DR Folks:
If this is too long to read, please save taxpayers money by staying home.  College ain't for you.

For your listening pleasure because I couldn't resist:

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