Saturday, October 21, 2017

Señor Nieto, build that wall!

Top secret plans for the Border Wall
Despite what the fake news like CNN and NBC say, we are building that wall and Mexico will pay for it.  Mark my words.

Right now, as we speak, top engineers on my staff are working on a prototype.  You can't just build a wall today!  Democrats have obstructed and handicapped our once vibrant construction economy with burdensome regulations.  Safety concerns.  Environmental concerns.  OSHA regulations.  Labor laws.  To comply you have to build a prototype first.  Ridiculous!

I'm working on untangling the regulatory mess, but in the meantime, I have my top people building the prerequisite prototype.   It's coming along beautifully.  It'll be the most colorful wall ever built.  Pleasing to the eye while keeping Americans safe.

At first, I was going to mandate that only American made blocks and concrete be used in the construction of the wall.  Ever since our wonderful law enforcement people destroyed the Mafia (a big thank you!), there hasn't been much of a demand for American made concrete.  The wall would be a great way to revitalize the concrete economy and and bring more jobs to Americans.

That plan looked good until you look at the value of the peso.  The Mexicans would never be able to afford American concrete.  Why do you think they come to this country?  We got money.  They don't.  Having Mexico pay for the wall with pesos is a bad deal for America!

TOP SECRET My top engineers hard at work
building the prototype.  Faces blurred for security.
Photo Credit
Mexico will still pay, though...mark my words.  My top planners and engineers have come up with an ingenious way to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it.  We're going to make the wall out of Legos®. 

What genious!  But wait.  It gets better.

We're going to order all the Legos® directly from the production plant in Mexico.  And when they ship the entire order here, we simply won't pay the bill! 

Mexico will have at least paid for the building materials...good for America!  And Legos® will learn they should be producing their products right here in America instead of chancing their fortunes in unstable, third world countries.  Shame on  Legos® for not supporting America!  They get what they deserve!

Support my Legos® Wall and let's Make America Great Again!

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