Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Playing golf ain't all that bad after all

In his own words - president should
be working, not playing golf
Wonder what your president did all last weekend?  Well, get this.  He did what he always complained about Obama doing - played golf instead of working!

While he putted on the greens under the warm, Florida sunshine, millions of jobs moved overseas with a big, sucking, "Whoooosh"; hundreds of Muslims set up terrorist shops in cities across our country; illegal aliens took over the entire southwest and spread eastward like a pestilence; and millions of bleeding hearts and artists dismantled our cities and towns brick by brick in protests and riots.

The Sunday morning news didn't report all this tragedy.  Instead, the Fake News reported extensively and almost exclusively on Trump's golf game and how well he and Prime Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe got along. 

In case Trumplings missed it, Trump campaigned with a consistent attack on Obama's golf playing and how he should be solving the country's problems instead of playing golf.  And of course, he was quick to point out how much these golf outings cost.  Forgot?  Here's a small sampling as gathered by Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy), senior news editor and writer for NBC Nightly News.

How much did the weekend getaway with the Prime Minister of Japan cost taxpayers?  As reported by The Hill, $3.6 million.

Ooops! Senior moment...he forgot his own words:
Presidents should work, not play golf
Apparently, Trump feels a young Black man can't go out on the greens for a game of golf because he should be working, but old White men can enjoy a weekend on the greens because they are working.  As Trump said, "That’s the one thing about golf -- you get to know somebody better on a golf course than you will over lunch," - a rule that applies to old White men, but not young Black men.  Either that or Trumplings will have to admit Trump is no better than the establishment and no better than Obama in his golf course style of governing.

Out of all of this, one thing is for sure.  The official presidential photographer needs to be fired.  Look at that poor lighting.  Maybe the photographer's job should be outsourced - like to Japan.

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