Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You don't have to keep them dumb to control them

Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, is on a visit in North Korea.  I'm sure, to his surprise, Google doesn't exist in North Korea even if North Korea does exist in Google.  The communist leader of North Korea figures if he keeps his people dumb, he'll maintain a tight-fisted control over the general populace.  Maybe Mr. Schmidt could teach Mr. Kim Jong Eun how to maintain a tight-fisted control of the general populace and share Google, too. 

Of course, our government and business elite haven't written the rules down in a "Control Your Populace for Dummies" book.  The one percent who controls eighty-four percent of the American wealth aren't about to share their secrets.  But if you've been paying attention and know at least a little bit of American history, you can figure out some of the rules.  In case you haven't been paying attention, for the first time in print, here are some of the secrets our government and business elite use to retain control of eighty-four percent of the American wealth and of the general populace:

  • Forget about a state-run TV.  Instead, offer hundreds of stations airing mind-numbing programs of reality TV, funny videos, talent contests, dating and weddings, unlimited news, entertainment news, and documentaries of the unexplained.  Give some of the stations official sounding names, like "The History Channel", that airs programs about conspiracy theories and the UFO connection.
  • Allow anyone to become radio personalities, concentrating on the ones who talk about drinking, parties, and sex.  For the political pundits, concentrate on the ones who contradict themselves, often in the same sentence.  A requirement to remain on the radio is all radio personalities have to consistently remind listeners how stupid everyone else is.
  • Promote the free press.  The more people there are expressing their opinions as the "news", the harder it is for the average person to figure out the truth from fiction.
  • Offer unlimited Internet access to the general population.  They'll all jump on the social networking sites and the average person will learn just how stupid  the average person is.
  • Encourage divisivenes within the general population.  They'll be too busy blaming each other for all of the problems and not be paying attention to the problems the government and business elite are creating.  Remeber this rule - it's never the government's fault.  It's always this group of people's fault or that group of people's fault.
  • Always have a boogeyman to blame that will give justification for the government's existence and give more control to the elite.  Throughout our history, our boogeymen have been the Indians, British, Blacks, women, communists, hippies, gays, environmentalists, terrorists, illegal immigrants, free loaders, atheists and secularists, and, of course, the main stream news media.
There, Mr. Kim Jong Eun, are the basic American rules of how the one percent in this country control the other ninety-nine percent.  Dumb them down with mindless TV, radio drivel, the Internet, boogeymen, and of course, Google, so everyone can feel more important than they really are.  While the masses are busy pointing fingers at each other, you can amass more control and wealth because your people will come to need you to save them from all the idiots surrounding them.

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