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Jared Morris - A real professional

Most talk show hosts have one trait in common.  They never change.  They are stuck in their world where time stands still.  They and they alone hold the answers - the truth - and try desperately day after day to hold the masses back as the masses blindly and dangerously move forward with time.  If you listen to any of them long enough, their subject matter comes down to left vs right, democrat vs republican, conservative vs liberal, or secularism vs Christian.  Their story never changes.

Every once in awhile, though, a real professional comes along and breaks the mold many other talk show hosts have formed.  Susan Monday on WXDE 105.9 Talk Radio is one such host we have heaped praised upon.  She doesn't hesitate to sink her teeth into a pressing local concern and hang on to it.  Like a pit bull with a chew toy, she shakes the issue back and forth until the truth comes out.

Following Susan Monday, you have Jared Morris.  Jared Morris has been a frustrating character to review.  His review record so far: less than flattering, flattering, and eleven thumbs down.  (Ok, so one of us has three thumbs.)  We've waited a long time for this fourth review to make sure we got it right this time.
One of our consistent complaints was Jared's tendency to abruptly end the phone call.  The habit was as if he forgot you always say goodbye when hanging up so the caller knows you are no longer on the phone.  As a caller, it was frustrating to make a point only to realize he had hung up when you got no response.  Over the last couple of months, Jared has genuinely thanked his callers before switching to a new caller.  Genuinely?  Yes.  Something along the lines of "Hey, thanks buddy.  Appreciate the call."  There's probably not a caller out there who won't hesitate to call again.  Callers aren't talking to a talk show host.  They feel they are talking to a friend and friends call each other all the time.

Our second big complaint was Jared's tendency to cover stories on the flimsiest of evidence and talk about them as if the story were true.  Now, we understand Jared is in the entertainment business, but there is a very fine line between news entertainment and National Inquirer entertainment.  There is also a very fine line between relating a story as it happened and a story as one wants the audience to believe it happened.  Since our last review, Jared has made consistent efforts at disregarding trending stories based on gossip alone.  When a caller questions some aspect of the story he is talking about, Jared makes a strong effort at finding the facts or admitting that he can't find the answer, but that's a good question to follow up on.  He has strong Internet and interpretative skills and is online while talking to his callers to find the answers his callers want.

We really thought we had Jared Morris pegged, but it turns out he is not one of those talk show hosts stuck in his own world where time has stopped.  He continues to grow and evolve with each show - and getting better and better.  More importantly, he isn't concerned with what he thinks.  He's concerned with what you, the listener, thinks. 

Bring the wooden guitar Jared. 
We need firewood.
And he's full of surprises.  Once in a blue moon, he makes mention that he's a musician.  Of course, anyone who sings in the shower lays claim to being a musician so we figured he was a shower singer.  With a little digging, we found out he's more than a shower singer.  We've sampled each of his songs and decided he'd be a perfect fit for one of our Five Drunk Rednecks bonfires.  Hope he doesn't have a wooden guitar in case we run out of firewood.
Listen to Jared Morris on your FM dial 105.9, WXDE Talk Radio.

For the TL;DR folks:
Listen to Jared Morris.

For your listening pleasure:
Sample his musicThe Cornflakes Have Bugs is a favorite.
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