Tuesday, May 6, 2014

...And then there was one

Lack of new material didn't break us up.

Neither did disagreements.

Nor creative differences.

Fame certainly wasn't a factor, either.

But Five Drunk Rednecks is technically One Drunk Redneck drinking alone in George Thorogood tradition except yours truly is optimistically waiting for the other four to join him on Saturday nights, again, like in the good ol' days.

The break up has been a year in the making. 

Shannon started down her own path about a year ago.  A career change and a new love interest led her astray.  The rest of us are still in shock that love was ever in her cards. 

Keith began straying about six months ago.  The time was fine, but he wants to get back to drinking his wine.  "Dude, I'm at the age where my only concern is if I have found the best glass of wine around."  He still comes around once in awhile on a Saturday and texts an idea or two a week, but, unless Five Drunk Rednecks becomes a wine critic's blog, he's pretty much out of the game.

The last two critics, and largest contributors of ideas these last six months, broke up a month ago.  He's done with women forever.  She's done with men, especially drunk rednecks, forever.  Delmarva may not be big enough for the two of them to coexist on.  Unless they reconcile, there will be no more Saturday night round table discussions over beer, rum, and coke for any of us drunk rednecks.

I will keep the site going with the occasional help from Keith.  Maybe a reunion blog will be in the future making.

If not, I may have to start looking for four new drunk rednecks....

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