Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our local hero on diversity

Our local hero, Matt, has a problem with the concept of diversity.  In his world, diversity means everyone should follow the right way of living and thinking, the right way being that of the White, heterosexual, Christian male.  Everyone who is not White, heterosexual, Christian male should take a seat at the back of the bus and follow the lead of the right-thinkers.  It would serve all those "other people" well to try to learn something from the right-thinkers.  His following quote sums up his, and the conservative Christians', definition of diversity to a tee:

Usually when someone says they want to "achieve diversity" what they really mean is they want to establish an environment where people of all races, nations, and orientations can work together to annihilate independent thought. Then, once this is complete, we will all be diverse in our skin pigmentation but alike in our lack of intellectual depth.

Sadly, at the time of this writing, four of his fans liked this quote.

Matt Walsh, radio personailty on WGMD airing out of Rehoboth Beach, is the person who inspired us to get off our drunk asses and form the Coffee Party.  Getting a start on our local, mainstream rock station, WZBH, he has since moved to WGMD.  You can listen to his early clips at WZBH and read our reviews of his show.  Want more laughter?  Listen to his latest parroting of far right Christian banality here.  We feel he epitomizes the non-thinking element of the Tea Party, despite his denial of ascribing to any political party.  Still not enough?  Become his friend on FaceBook and never miss his daily witticisms guaranteed to leave you scratching your head.

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