Sunday, May 29, 2016

Obama should take his rightful place on Mt Rushmore

President Obama, against all odds, led this country out of the Great Recession and set this country on a path to prosperity.  He redefined healthcare and got millions more people insured that the old insurance industry would've refused to cover.  He brought equality and equal protection to millions more by integrating the Armed Forces for gay people and paved the way for the eventual Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.  He's opened relations with Cuba setting the stage for tourism and trade that will benefit both countries.  He stopped Iran from trying to obtain a nuclear weapon for the foreseeable future and he found and killed Osama Bin Laden.  He has led the world in battling global warming by example - instituting green policies in this country that other countries could emulate and he brought the countries together in Paris to sign a historic deal that would greatly reduce global greenhouse emissions. 

A book could be written on the the great achievements President Obama pursued and won despite consistent Congressional obstruction, obstruction undoubtedly brought about because of the color of Obama's skin upset the conservative White side of Congress.  We should honor this great President on Mt. Rushmore.  Jefferson, who owned over 600 slaves in his lifetime, should step down from the side of the mountain and Obama should be chiseled in for eternal glory.

President Obama is leaving huge footsteps that his successor may find hard to fill.  Clinton has tiny feet so she'll fail to fill those footsteps Obama is leaving behind.  Trump isn't so well endowed, either, maybe even less so than Clinton.  President Obama left big enough footprints that we should survive either candidate's four-year term because four years isn't enough time to fill in those footprints.  If either one sits in the White House for eight years, we might be in trouble. 

Whoever takes over the White House either in 2020 or 2024, the mess that President will have to fix will be a more monumental task than the mess Bush left for Obama to fix.  I have a feeling that that future President may be eligible to take Washington's place on Mt Rushmore.  Washington, who owned over 300 slaves, wouldn't mind.  After all, he was the first President so he was destined for greatness only because there was nothing in place for him to mess up.

TL;DR folks:
Yes, this is satire, not to be confused with rhetoric. 

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