Friday, January 24, 2014

We've been drafted...

We've been drafted and assigned to the Mommy Wars. Stay-at-home-Moms vs working Moms. We didn't even know the Mommy Wars existed, but one of our critics is a stay-at-home-Mom and she's had enough of the nonsense. What fired her up to draft the rest of us into the Mommy Wars? Our local hero, Matt Walsh's, viral post on the subject and Susan Venker, author and stay-at-home-Mom, who we suspect is Matt Walsh's feminine side and maybe not a real person at all.

Matt Walsh FB page description: blogger, writer, professional sayer of truths

Susan Venker blog description: writer, speaker, truth-teller

Now read each of their posts on the Mommy Wars:

Matt: (posted Oct 09, 2012)

Susan: (posted on Oct 12, 2012)

Are they the same person or what?

Stay tuned...we might get done penning our battle this weekend or next...or next.... It's a complex issue and, unlike these two (assuming they really are two different people), we like to arm our opinions and thoughts with facts, which takes some time, and (hard work) to verify.

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