Saturday, November 7, 2015

Final thoughts on the Talbot Boys

Editor's note: Today is the last day for public comment on the Talbot Boys Memorial, a memorial on the courtyard grounds honoring 85 young men who fought and died on the Confederate side of the Civil War.  A small group wants it taken down.  Most residents want it to remain right where it's at.  Below are my final thoughts to the County Commissioners to consider before making a decision next week.

Dear County Commissioners:

Piece of our history
for the scrap heap?
I hope you side with veterans and the facts of history when deciding the fate of the Talbot Boys Memorial.  Talbot County should not set the precedence that future generations can decide, through pop culture rhetoric, lies, and half-truths, which of our veterans we will honor and which ones we will pack off to museums and obscure cemeteries.  As UNESCO's Director-General Irina Bokova stated at a conference last year describing ISIS tactics of destroying mosques in northern Iraq - the purging of one's culture, heritage, and history goes hand in hand with genocide.  The current rage to destroy anything Confederate is a form of genocide.  We should be shining a light on our darkest pages of history for it is on the darkest pages we all will find the most valuable lessons to learn. 

For your additional consideration and reference, below are links to seven carefully researched articles on the Great Confederate Purge of 2015, a couple of which I have already emailed you.  I don't expect you to read all of them, but I offer them as a reference point to further back up my previous emails to you about the Talbot Boys.


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