Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to beat Obamacare

One thing we don't understand is why most people think that when the government speaks, we're supposed to listen.  If anything, it's the other way around.

Today is the first day that everyone without healthcare is mandated to sign up for a healthcare plan approved by the government.  Average minimum cost: about $200.  Do tell us - did you sign up or are you taking a stand to force the government to listen to you?

As you can guess from our previous post on Obamacare, none of us bothered to even try to look at what the government has mandated.  We weren't one of the millions jamming the websites across the country.

We made it very clear, and in case anyone in the government missed it, we'll say it again - we're not paying and, if you send us a fine for not paying, we won't pay that, either.  As long as you try to extort money from us, as far as we're concerned, you aren't even our legitimate government any more.  If you want healthcare reform, start at the top, and, once you get that house in order, you can come ask us to participate.

Why are we taking such a firm stand?  Top four reasons:
  1. The government has no authority to dictate what products a citizen must buy.  As long as we define ourselves as a free market society, individuals get to choose which products they will buy and which ones they won't.  The government doesn't get to dictate our personal budgets.  They have a hard enough time getting their own budget right.  They certainly aren't going to mess with ours.
  2. A one year postponement was granted to businesses because businesses claimed implementation requirements were confusing and couldn't be achieved by the required deadline.  We claim the same postponement entitlement that businesses claimed for the same reasons.
  3. Federal employees' present healthcare program is 75% funded by tax payers - that's us and you, the reader of this article.  When federal employees are made responsible for their own healthcare needs, we'll take our tax savings and consider using the extra money for our own healthcare needs.
  4. Congress is finding ways to exempt themselves from Obamacare.  Good plan.  If it's not good enough for you, it's not good enough for us.  End of story.  Period.
The astute reader will quickly point out that if we don't buy a healthcare plan, the government will penalize us with a fine, so we'll still be paying, but have no product to show for our purchase.

First, let's not mince words.  There is no "penalty fine".  There is an illegal tax placed on individuals who choose not to listen to the government and  refuse to purchase a product they feel they cannot afford.  Despite what the politicians want us to believe and the legal mincing of words by the nine, senile robed ones, being forced to buy a product is an illegal tax assessment.  A "penalty" for not paying the illegal tax, that is, buying a mandated product, is another illegal tax.  Politicians aren't even hiding this fact any more, like they did when they argued the case for Obamacare before the nine, senile robed ones.  For Obamacare to work as envisioned, they admit 2.7 million healthy young people need to "buy into" the program.  Translation: "buy into" means "pay the tax" so the unhealthy people can get their healthcare needs taken care of.

Second, we might be drunk, but we also know that the government doesn't issue tax refunds because we're such good, faithful tax payers.  They issue a refund because we filled out a W4 form that allowed the government to steal more money from us weekly than they were entitled to.  Our tax refunds are simply a payback for the excess money they stole during the year.  We're redoing our W4 forms to claim more dependents so that they take less money from us during the year.  Simple formula for an individual with no children: claim self, claim head of household, claim spouse (if married) or claim single, with one job, if not married.  These three exemptions should work out that on April 15th, you will owe the government around $400.  Make sure you take the extra money you'll be getting every week in your paycheck and save it for the expected tax bill at the end of the year.  Our refund we normally would get is now sitting in a savings account earning interest for the whole year.  When we pay our tax bill, we'll still have plenty of money left in the bank - our normal refund that the government never got to use. 

Without a refund, the government can't withhold their "penalty", so we don't pay.  Since they argued before the Supreme Court that Obamacare wasn't a form of tax, they can't add any unpaid penalty fines to next year's tax form. 

You see?  We don't need to listen to a bunch of talking heads on the radio and TV telling us how bad Obamacare is.  We don't need the masses taking to the street with their cutesy signs protesting Obamacare.  We don't need self-serving crooks in Congress grandstanding to make a point.  And we don't need to shut the government down to force a change in Obamacare.  All we need is for every individual to refuse to buy a healthcare policy if they feel they can't afford it.  To avoid paying the penalty, all we need is for those people to redo their W4 forms. 

Of course, no one has talked about how the government will know if one has a qualified healthcare plan or not.  We got that covered too.  Some bureaucrat sucking off the teats of the taxpayers because he can't get a real job will probably send an official request through the mail requiring proof that every member of the household is covered under a qualified plan.  Failure to comply would incur a penalty.  We'll simply respond, "Obamacare is your program so do your job.  You tell me if everyone in this household is covered.  And don't come knocking on my door asking.  It's none of your business who lives in this house and whether or not they complied with your program.  If you do come a-knocking, you better have a warrant in your hand, a state trooper to your right and a sheriff to your left.  You'll need them to carry out the warrant without incidence."  We'll sign the response "A concerned citizen who values his privacy."  Yeah, we know.  Why wouldn't we use our real names?  Simple: we value privacy.  The government doesn't need to know who lives here.  And we're good at playing word games.  We could keep the cat and mouse game going for years to our own amusement.

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