Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Great Confederate Purge of 2015

The Great Confederate Purge of 2015 began shortly after a racist (no name, no glory) in South Carolina killed nine people in the nation's oldest Black Church in downtown Charleston.  The shooter was pictured on his FaceBook page holding a Confederate flag.  Overnight, anything Confederate or Southern became a dirty word targeted for obliteration.

Big name companies like Wal Mart, Sears, Amazon, and eBay yanked all Confederate merchandise.  Cities began renaming parks bearing honored Confederate Generals' names, Confederate soldiers were dug up and moved to more obscure cemeteries, statues were taken down, Confederate flags were yanked, and Sons of Confederate Soldiers' license plates were recalled.

The Great Confederate Purge of 2015 has hit close to home - Easton, MD in Talbot County.  A monument honoring 85 young men who died fighting for the Confederacy has quietly sat on the courtyard grounds for a hundred years.  A handful of people, led by Richard Potter of the Talbot County NAACP have demanded it be taken down.  In short, they have rewritten history with lies by claiming those 85 young men honored on the Talbot Boys Monument were traitors who fought to preserve slavery and they should not be honored.

85 veterans are honored here.
Their memory has become urinals
for a handful of the ill-informed.
I have already written five articles on The Great Confederate Purge of 2015 (see Related Links at the end of this article) so I won't rehash what I have already written.  There are two more articles coming, but they won't be published until after Tuesday, 27 OCT 15.  Those articles will be the 8-minute speech I planned to give at the public hearing concerning The Talbot Boys and the condensed, 3-minute version the public meeting's rule dictate I give.

I encourage all veterans and supporters of veterans, both present and past, to attend the public hearing and defend these honorable veterans, honorable as fully declared by Congress in several acts over the course of six decades.  If we allow The Great Confederate Purge of 2015 go unchallenged and this monument gets mothballed, then every veteran who has ever served this country will be subjected to history revisionists' judgment and possible future disgrace.  That makes our (yes, I am an honorable veteran) sense of honor, duty, and social responsibility that compelled us to serve a moot point.

Please consider attending the public hearing and speak for these veterans who no longer are here to defend themselves.

Public Hearing

When:                27 OCT 15 at 6:45 pm
Where:               Talbot County Free Library Meeting Room
                           100 W. Dover Street
                           Easton, MD 21601
What to bring:  Your support and if you want to say something, a 3-minute or
                           less speech.

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