Sunday, December 11, 2016

The public transformation begins

We're all familiar with Trump.  That orange-ish white thing on top of his head, orange skin, and scowling facial expressions are Trump trademarks. 

Yesterday, Fox News tweeted an announcement of an exclusive interview (one of hundreds they have had) with Trump.  Now look at the picture.  Is that the Trump we know and Alec Baldwin so accurately parodied on Saturday Night Live?

The Trump pictured in Fox News' announcement is either expertly photo-shopped or a stunt double posed for the photo op.  This Trump is smiling, his skin color and tone is normal beige, his hair is slicked back with extra strength bonding mousse to tame that thing on top of his head, and that has to be Grecian Formula in his hair.

If this makeover trend continues for the next four years, Trump just may be noted for being the first president in history to look younger and happier after his term than he did before taking office.

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