Saturday, August 13, 2016

A little stand that makes America great

In this modern day world of technology where we are inundated daily with everything that is wrong and bad in this country...

In this modern day world of politics where presidential candidates vow to "make America great again" or "stronger together" as if we're not great, but are weak...

In this modern day world of business where the almighty dollar is more important than principles and doing what's right...

I come across this stand that defiantly boasts how honest we are and how great we are.  Prices for the produce are posted and plastic bags are provided so you don't walk off with the small baskets.  You bag your produce and leave the money in the money box. 

The rusted old money box is testament to the many years this honor system of selling produce has worked for the farmer.  If only we all could focus on this business model and celebrate what it really says about us.

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